Our Issues

These issues affect our students' education and will shape the future of public education Ontario. This is what we are fighting for. Learn more below and join a community of thousands who are taking action and standing up for Ontario's students.

Hybrid Learning

By continually improving our students’ learning experience in the classroom and ensuring they have the tools and resources they need to succeed, we can protect Ontario's world-class education system.

Centring Schools as Part of Our Communities

When we invest in Ontario’s public education ecosystem, we’re helping support the growth of stronger, healthier communities. Not only are schools the lifeline of communities across our province, they’re also the engine that will power the next generation of small business owners, librarians and nurses.

Addressing Systemic Inequities

Over the coming months, and even years, addressing systemic inequities with urgency will be necessary in order to strengthen these vital determinants of future success and enhance the social and economic fabric of a diverse, dynamic and prosperous province.

Increasing Student-Centred Supports and Services

While unpredictability has characterized the 2 years, the next 2 years - and even 20 years - must be grounded in the understanding that our kids need stable and permanent funding mechanisms in place so they can succeed and thrive.

Providing Safe, Healthy Learning and Working Conditions

As we look to recover and strengthen Ontario's public education system, we must create an environment that gives everyone the necessary tools to thrive, learn and work – one that is free from violence and one that empowers the individual.

Improving Learning Conditions for All

An investment in schools, teachers, and support staff is not just an investment in our system - it is an investment in our students and our province’s future. We must maximize the opportunities available for students and tear down existing systemic barriers so that everyone can succeed.