Protecting & Strengthening Public Education in Ontario

For the past two and a half years, teachers and education workers have been there for our students when they’ve needed them most. Now we need our government to do the same.
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Students deserve the benefit that smaller class sizes provide.
Students deserve a well-resourced in-person learning environment.
Students deserve to have permanent access to the supports and services they need.
Students deserve a government that won’t cut corners when it comes to public education.

Key Issues

As we transition to a world in which COVID-19 causes less disruption in our schools, our students deserve a return to normalcy and a return to a public education system that fully supports their future growth and development.

Keeping Class Sizes Small

Studies have shown that when we keep class sizes small, we ensure better outcomes for our students. To ensure our students get the attention they desperately need coming out of COVID-19, we need to keep the educator-to-student ratios where they are and not increase class sizes.

Keeping Students Safe 

If we’re going to give our students the safe, secure learning environment they deserve, we need to fix the over $16B repair backlog and ensure our schools have the ventilation, custodial & support staff, and resources needed to keep our students safe.

Strengthening Critical Supports & Services

Two years of learning in a global pandemic has left many students struggling. With an emerging mental health crisis, our students need greater access to the academic, social and mental health supports critical to their well-being. That means ensuring our schools not only have the appropriate number of educational assistants, speech language pathologists, mental health professionals and other education workers needed to deliver those services, but ensuring those professionals are valued as vital contributors to a holistic public education system. Having school board employed support professionals immediately available in schools will help to ensure that students get the help they need.

Protecting Programs & In-Person Learning

Our students learn best when they learn in-person and have access to the individualized programs and professionals that support their needs. While hybrid models and emergency remote learning may have been necessary during the pandemic, we need government to commit permanent funding to a public education system that is equitable, in-person, and provides the supports, services, programs and personnel our students need to succeed.

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We Are Ontario’s Frontline Teachers

Speech Language Pathologist
Susan is a Speech Language Pathologist from Ottawa, Ontario. She knows the challenges some students face and worries that larger class sizes will mean less educator time for all students, not just those with special needs.
Social Worker
Andrea is a Social Worker from Durham, Ontario who has seen the positive effect one-on-one relationships can have on a student's education. She worries larger class sizes will put those relationships at risk.
High School Science Teacher
Andrew is a high school science teacher from Belleville, Ontario who sees the impact STEM curriculum can have on future careers.
I Support Protecting & Strengthening Public Education In Ontario
If we’re going to close the learning gap left behind by COVID-19, we need government to shore up and strengthen the supports and services our students need and commit to protecting the public education system that is the cornerstone of their success. If you agree, email your elected officials today to let them know what our students need.

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